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You sparked my enthusiasm and direction. Thank you so much for the insight! I am finishing school in the spring as you brought up April. I am looking forward to the changes! So happy my friend recommended you! Wow so much evidence came through!

Melissa- CA

 Thank you for recording our zoom session today. I was stunned to hear from my cousin and the balloon release he was aware of, that gave me chills. I was in awe! The relationship guidance was extremely helpful. I was looking for guidance in whatever form, and just so happy to hear there are opportunities coming my way.

Kristin -UT

Thank you for bringing in my husband that passed. Though the tears, I still don’t know how you knew about the pickles and how he drank the pickle juice from the jar. That was a secret thing between him and I. You have showed me he is around me and that gives me hope. Thank you so very very much.

Joanie -NH

Patty, CA

“I am grateful you took the time to help us have a bit of calmness knowing my sister is at peace. It has been haunting me every day since her passing. I think last night was the first night I slept peacefully.
I asked if she was in pain, and you responded, “No Mom”, she would call me "Mom" and I am her older sister. How would you know that!?  We are the grateful ones, thank you very much for everything. "
Purple Flower


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