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From a very young age I was fascinated by anything spiritual, not of this realm. I devoured all metaphysical books on anything and everything, (back before Google, and we actually went to local libraries)! I seemed to just know things that were true, or later proved to be truth, (precognition as it turns out). I experienced DeJa'Vu so much, and came to count on my internal instincts that, when they didn't show up, I wondered why. I later learned these were my "Clair" abilities presenting themselves to me.

Fast forward through years of life and unique human experiences, I had to face what I innately knew; I must work these abilities I was blessed with. I was given these gifts, along with great compassion, to help others heal, whatever that meant to them. 

As time passed and life fell into alignment, many synchronicities provided me hands on training for my soul's growth. I became a Reiki Master in 2014, a "Professional" Evidential Medium in 2019, and a Quantum Touch practitioner in 2023. This has been an eye-opening journey, and I love growing spiritually on this path!  Each day I absorb all I can of anything/and everything supernatural

My passion in life is to: Bring forth a natural state of well-being for my clients working with Usui Reiki, Healing of any grief through Mediumship, and a sharing of life guidance in Psychic sessions I provide. All the while I do this with the highest integrity along with my moral and ethical values.

Each day I ask for spirit to bring me those that I need into my life, and to put me where you know of those that need me. We are all one, and we all need each other.


Some of my strongest gifts I share with others are:


 I am able to see and know when something is about to happen in one's life. I am also able to also go back to a moment in time that triggered a reaction, (or to a certain age), with very high accuracy. My clients confirm this every day. Some, even later, email me to confirm; that on that date, (or month), something happened I predicted. *Disclaimer here, we all have our Free will and can choose anything at any time. I only see what is in the timeline at that moment, you have the free will to change anything!

Claircognizance. I am able to just know things that are completely out of my realm of knowing. Things I could not possibly know about others or loved ones that have passed.

Clairvoyance. I am able to see what is in my client's energy field for healing. This fully assists me with Reiki and Mediumship. 

Clairaudience. I am able to hear from angels, guides, and loved ones across the veil that are here to share messages with all that are willing to listen. These messages bring profound healing as I only work with Love and Light. 

 Of course, all my "Clair" abilities are on point as I work. Everyone one of us have these present at birth. Getting to know them, and use them, is the real challenge. We are all born with this inner knowing, it just takes some awakening to use these gifts.

 I share my story with you because I have done hundreds of sessions, (including International and State-side readings). These have been in-person, on Zoom, or even phone calls where I have not seen the other person. I can tell you spirit always comes through with messages no matter what. Each session I do brings more validation we live beyond our earthly bodies, and that our soul never dies.


Discovering your soul's inner knowing and purpose is the journey, and the destination.

We all want answers right now, but spirit works moment to moment Sometimes the answers you seek are not even here yet.

The world is shifting, rapidly. Everyone seems to be more open to their own spiritual growth than ever before.  Remember that your spirit is bigger than you can possibly perceive. It is limitless. It is hard to imagine this, but we are souls having a human experience. We will all return as souls when we cross from this earthly experience.

Love never dies, and your spirit does indeed journey on when your human body passes. It has been proven time and time again, sending/ receiving messages from beyond, to those willing to observe and notice the signs.

The short amount of time we are gifted this human form, does indeed allow

 us to develop and research on our own. We get to do this, "hands on", through hardships, heartbreak, and love in this life.

Our soul's path will have many connections and interactions though out this journey. Remember we are all connected, everything matters.

Believe you can, and you will connect to your true inner self.


I offer many opportunities with classes and training in person and online.

Watch for current schedule of events. 

Past courses include:

Usui Reiki Training, Evidential Mediumship Courses, How to meet your Spirit Guides, and Trusting your Intuition. ****More to come!

 Upcoming Events

  • Intuition Class via Zoom  10am-12pm MST 6/10/23
    Sat, Jun 10
    Online Intuition Class
    Jun 10, 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM MDT
    Online Intuition Class
    Join us for a fun class where you will learn new ideas and insights to better understand your intuition!
  • Cosmic Warriors Healers Conference
    Sat, Jun 17
    Cosmic Warriors -Maxwell Park Hildale
    Jun 17, 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM MDT
    Cosmic Warriors -Maxwell Park Hildale , 1750 Maxwell Pkwy, Hildale, UT 84784, USA
    Outdoor event in Southern Utah at Maxwell Park in Hildale UT. Join us for a day of fun with likeminded high vibrational folks!
  • Group Mediumship & Psychic readings with family & friends
    Book your event for anytime!
    Location is TBD
    Book your event for anytime!
    Location is TBD
    These readings bring forward messages from your loved ones in spirit. Group readings are fun for family, friends, and holiday parties! Group number is not limited, but time is. I cannot guarantee a reading if it's a large group of 8+. Fee: 2hrs $250.00 3hrs $350.00. Contact me for more details.

Payment Options

I accept payment by Venmo, PayPal, Cash or CC with Square.

Pink Blossom
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Washington, UT, USA

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These certificates are available to purchase providing recipient is open to receive messages from loved ones that have passed, or Reiki Healing.

Zoom sessions are recorded and sent to email address provided.

If local, have recipient contact me to meet in person. $100.00 for 60 min, $50.00 for 30 min.

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